31 Day Journey to a Home Routine

Day One

Today is the day to start working on a routine in my home. I am starting today to work through the Fly Lady’s 31 baby steps for beginners. I know, it’s not the first of the month and I am not joining other bloggers for this. This is a personal thing for me that I am making public for the accountability. I would love to have others join me along the way and see if we can’t start something together.

Why this system?

I wondered the same thing myself. Should I create a system for others? Should I do my own thing? Well, no. She has something that works and I am going with it. I have looked at it for a while and threw all of my excuses at it and now I am ready to start. This system helps everyone no matter your situation to establish a routine for working at home.

Why now?

I am starting on this in the middle of the month. The reason is because we are on quarantine and we aren’t able to get out. I have a lot of time right now to focus on these tasks. I feel that establishing routines will help with the stress level at home.

How will it go?

Everyday I will post what the assignment was and what I did about it and how I feel. I will give feedback along the way and document my progress with words and pictures. My main goal is to set a foundation of routine in my life and home. Let’s do this!

Day One Task: Shine your Sink

This one is pretty simple and since I have started her system several times over the years, I had this one down. You will find on her website directions on how to shine your sink from whatever shape your sink is in. This may take some time, but it is a one time task. Her challenge to us is to dry the sink out after each use.

Empty the dishwasher to have a space for dirty dishes.

First I emptied my dishwasher to have a place to put my dirty dishes. If you don’t have a dishwasher, then just wash up your dished first and put them away.

Begin shining the sink

Once the sink if empty, it’s time to start shining. You can visit fly lady’s website for detailed instructions, but basically you fill the sink with hot soapy water and begin scrubbing. Everyone’s sink will look different and have a different level of scrubbing need. Mine needed scrubbing on the inside, scrubbing around the faucet and garbage disposal. Just scrub away with whatever products you have on hand. Dish soap is great for grease fighting, baking soda is a good scrubber.

This is my scrubbing time. See the soapy water? I scrubbed and scrubbed.

Now the fun part. Here is where the shine comes in. After you have scrubbed the areas that need attention, you get to dry it out and see it really shine. Grab a towel or a rag and dry all the water out and you are left with a nice shiny sink.

Here is mine.

I Forgot Something

I noticed after I was all finished that I forgot to clean the stopper in the sink. Since I am a recovering perfectionist, I decided to leave that for now and I will shine that up when I shine this sink this evening.

Keeping it up

From here the Fly Lady tells us to dry the sink after each use. So, throughout the day I plan to dry it up after it is used. I will try to keep dishes out of there. I will either put them into the dishwasher or wash them right away. Since my family is home more, this will take a little more upkeep and attention then when they are at work and school all day.

The last part of this step is to develop the routine of shining your sink each night before bed. This way, if for some reason, we forget to dry the sink during the day, or dished get piled up, there will always be a time we can revisit and reset for then next day. Happy Sink Shining!!

I would love to hear from you about what you are doing or have done to set up routines at your house. Let’s see how this next month goes!! Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow!

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