4 Ways to Get out of Your Funk

First off, if you aren’t in a funk right now, I’d like to know how. I am feeling stuck right now. We are in month 3 of quarantine. I have 2 teens and a preteen. Writing is a way I process how I am feeling. I have good days and bad days, and I’d like to share with you how I handle the bad days. These things usually work to get over the hump.

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Be Grateful

Starting out practicing gratitude is a sure fire way to instantly change moods. Just get a piece of paper and write out as many things you can think of to be thankful for. Begin with 3 things to not get too overwhelmed, but I end up with so much more by the time I am finished. This journal is great to help keep track and it’s been great!

I love this journal!

Get Moving

The next thing I do is get moving. This will help your body will get the juices flowing. Just a short walk around the neighborhood or even around the house if you can’t get out will make all the difference in the world.

Then, I turn on some music and start dancing. The music along with the movement will brighten my spirit almost immediately. I am so thankful that I can move my body. Even if you are at a place where movement is limited, move what you can.

Drink Water

Sometimes we are simply dehydrated and need a drink of water to get through a rough time. I will go into the kitchen and fill up a glass with water and down it as fast as I can. Sometimes this is an immediate pick me up. Making healthy choices will instantly help us feel better.

Diffuse Oils

The last thing I do to help my moods is to diffuse oils. The good smell of the oils whatever it is will lift my spirits immediately. I love to smell lemon and lavender together. When I put those in the diffuser together it is an immediate pick me up. I am thankful to have some natural ways to improve my mood.

If Essential oils are something you have any interest in learning more about I’d love to share what I know about them.

My favorite blend of oils! And, isn’t that diffuser gorgeous!

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