Books I Finished In February

An Attempt to Read More

So, I have never been much of a reader. I love learning, reading articles and gathering information. Books, on the other hand, have been too much of a commitment to be honest. In the past, I have talked about it , but follow through is hard for me. Ideas come easy, but the work to continue and see the ideas come to life is hard.

So about a year and half ago, I set out to read 100 books by my 40th birthday. I don’t think I met this goal, but one thing I did was READ more. So, I may not meet this goal, unless I read several books in the month of March, I am proud of the amount of books I did read just by setting this goal. I’ll tally those books and let you know where I am with all that.

Here’s the Book Report

I did finish 3 books in the month of March and I can recommend each one of them. I’ll let you know the books and a little about each and why I think you might enjoy reading them. I feel like I’m back in elementary school giving a book report 🙂

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Just Mercy

  • The first book I finished was Just Mercy. It is a fabulous book written by Byran Stephenson. Mr. Stevenson, a lawyer in Alabama works tirelessly with inmates convicted of crimes who are serving time on death row. The stories are unbelievable and will leave you with hope and more understanding of our criminal justice system. If you have ever needed some perspective on the death penalty and some intricacies around the topic, check this book out. It will absolutely make you think.

The Year of Less

  • The second book I read is The Year of Less. In this book, Cait Flanders, describes in great detail a year in her life that she decided to do what she calls a Shopping Ban. She outlines all of her rules, reasons and walks readers through the ups and downs of her year. This is an inspiring book to read that goes against our consumerism. I would highly recommend reading this one and maybe pick up some inspiration in your life. I know I reevaluated some spending decisions after reading this one.

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

  • The third book I completed this month was by the wonderful author, blogger, person, mentor, Crystal Paine. In her book, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, Crystal tells readers a little bit about her past and how she fell into survival mode. She goes on to give 9 simple strategies she used to get out of that to begin to thrive. There are lots of tips and tricks. At first, the book could be a little overwhelming since there are so many topics and areas of life she covers. I would recommend purchasing this book to keep as a resource and work through areas of your life piece by piece. There is so much good information in this book. It is so practical and doable. Crystal is definitely a doer.

These are all very worth your time to read and will all have some sort of impact on your life. What are you reading? I am always up for new books to read. This helps us see and experience life from different perspectives. Maybe I can read about 50 books for 2020. I can only hope!

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