Brutal Honesty

So, here’s the thing. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!! I am going to share some things that happened this month that could cause me to just wash my hands, shut this all down and stay on my couch for always and forever. Fair warning: this will sound like whining but bear with me, I will bring hope to lots of situations, so stick with me.

Why I should give up

So, the month begins like most other January’s we have ever been a part of. So much hope, enthusiasm, change, transformation, productivity. All the words of hope swarming around our little heads. This year was going to be different. It’s 2020 for crying out loud. Have you ever seen a prettier number 01/01/2020. Its so fresh and new. So full of hope.

This year started out with a bang for us. I won’t go into much detail, but I am sure you can relate. I started out with a little family drama to resolve while treating my husband for a stomach virus. The next week was followed with more sickness right before a huge conference we are part of each year. As soon as we get home from that we get some news that will be life altering for a few people. Then we get a call from a friend needing emotional support followed again by sickness that lasts for weeks. During that same week we receive news that a friend out of state, who we just saw at the convention, passed away from complications of the FLU!!! Schools here have been cancelled because of so much sickness.

Its a choice

Needless to say, this month, that started so full of promise, has been rough. We have about one week left and I am standing here at a crossroads. I have some choices to make. Either I can pack it up, be paralyzed by these last few weeks, or I can choose thankfulness. I choose the second option.

Thankfulness is my choice today. Here is a small list, since I do like lists around here, of the things I can be thankful for today.

  1. Bobby is fever free currently after 4 days of fever.
  2. Luke was able to preach a wonderful sermon this morning.
  3. My girls were well to attend church and see friends.
  4. School is out for a few days. Bobby gets to rest and recover and build up some strength before going back to school.
  5. We have enough food here to avoid the grocery for a few more days.

The list could go on and on. I am thankful that I can choose to keep going. I get to choose to keep writing and reaching out.

What will you choose today? I suggest finding thankfulness and writing those things down. I already feel better. Comment about what you are thankful for.

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