Day 4 of 31 Days to a More Peaceful Home

So you can say I am taking my time through this process of these 31 days. It has taken me a week to get through to day 4. I will continue this journey and I am thankful for anyone who decides to join me. I am not perfect, but I work everyday to be a little better than the day before.

Day 4 is just the same as day 3. Shine your sink, get dressed first thing in the morning and read the message on the Fly Lady website.

My Progress

I continue making progress everyday toward accomplishing these things. Drinking coffee in my gown and robe is still a must for me, but I have been getting dressed soon after I finish coffee. I must say, just the act of getting dressed puts me in the mind set to start my day. It brings a focus I don’t have in my pjs.

Since we are on quarantine, my clothes have been leggings or short and a tee shirt, but the transition from pjs to clothes is amazing.

Every night I have been shining my sink and running the dishwasher before bed. This helps me get up to a clean dishwasher to empty and be ready to receive the dishes for the day.

Message From Fly Lady

Fly Lady’s message today focuses on routines. I have kind of snubbed routines in my life thinking that they will hold me down and not be able to be creative and spontaneous. She said something that hit home with me. She said “Routines are not strait-jackets; they free you up to be creative without guilt!” This really made sense to me. When we complete our tasks that we know we need to do, our time is freed up for other things. Stress leaves and our minds can open up.

The more I learn about routines, the more I want to put the time into them to build them. We all have routines and habits, but if they aren’t working for us, then what’s the point.

Maybe today, we can all look over our habits and routines and see what works for us and what doesn’t. The Fly Lady gives us ways to make these habits work for us so we can free up brain space to be creative and spontaneous with out guilt. I am so thankful to be finding this freedom.

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