Follow through is key

Its not always easy

So here at Working the List, I write about all sorts of things. One thing I find interesting in the world are ideas. I’ve got this thing with ideas. I love them and I hate them at the same time. Let me tell you a little bit about why I like to write about ideas. One day when I was in college my dad took me to Atlanta, GA to the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. This is a place that does aptitude testing to see what you are good at to help choose the career that’s right for you. I took this test several years ago and I was very helpful. This biggest take away I had was the fact that I had a “condition” called ideaphoria. Ideas are great, but follow through is key.

Secret to decrease overwhelm

In case you may not know, its a condition in which you have with lots of ideas. The researchers were quick to tell me that not all the ideas were good, but I had lots of them. Boy do I. I can think with the best of them. Follow through, sometimes not my strong suit. My ideas have actually hindered me over the years from doing what I know I should do. I tend to way over think things to the point of paralysis. Not anymore! Now I am a doer! I committed to training myself to get up and start doing.

Something is better than nothing

Recently, I found a website call the Flylady. Her website is all about productivity and after just a few days of hanging out there, I can already see progress. She has a principle called Do it Now! It’s simply not procrastinating. Its amazing how much extra time I have when I follow through with things right away instead of procrastinating and waiting til the end to do all the things.

Where to Start when you Feel so behind

First of all, thinking that you are behind is not productive at all. I have had to change my mindset and stop believing I am behind. Productivity as a stay at home mom can feel like a waste. Some days I feel very accomplished and others I MAY have kept everyone alive. We have all been there! Sometimes my home feels like its just eating me alive and I feel so covered up with everything that needs to be done. This is where the Flylady has saved my life.

She has the simplest first step I have used over and over again to help me feel more accomplished in my day. Her first babystep is not complicated and doesn’t take much time but I promise you will feel so much better after doing it. Right now if you are feeling behind and need a pick me up for your home, go to your kitchen and shine your sink.

Its so simple, but the difference it will make is so profound. Go now, do this one thing, no seriously, don’t read any more. Go shine your sink and come back here when you are finished. I’ll wait! You’ve got this.

So, what is nagging at you to complete?

So now that your sink is all shiny, let’s just do one more thing. Think about one thing that you have been putting off, just one little thing and go do it.

We all have things that we need to do, but dread. For some, its housework or errands. Maybe its making a doctor’s appointment or calling a friend or family member. Whatever it is, just do it. One little thing off your to do list will make all the difference in your day.

Your challenge is to shine your sink, then do just one thing that you’ve over thought and just need to do. I’d love to hear what that one little thing is today. Let me know in the comments what you did and what difference it has made in your day! Congrats on being productive today.

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