My Favorite Workout

I don’t know about you but I love to work out at home. I am not the go to the gym type right now in this stage of my life. Activity has always been a big part of my everyday life. My fitness preferences have been all over the place. Growing up I enjoyed gymnastics, nothing competitive. Then I joined the cheer leading team in high school. That was fun. Then I changed it up and played volleyball for a couple years. As a child and teenager activity automatically happened. I didn’t have to think too much about it. This just happened as a result of choices I made and teams I joined.

Then I went to college… There were no more practices after school everyday. No more work outs or conditioning. I started to slow down and didn’t even know what hit me. There were snacks all the time. Unlimited ice cream, cereal, pizza and more awaited me in the cafeteria 3 times each day. Oh my, it was bad people, really bad. Something had to be done. I ran some which helped found other ways to stay active. This time in my life I realized that fitness was up to me. I had to choose to keep up with it or else I would pay the price.

My go to: Running

Starting at about age 12, running held a dear place in my heart. I dabbled in running off and on for about 10 years. Running allowed me to go out, be active, blow off steam from time to time without costing a ton of time or money. At the age of 23 I decided to get more serious and run a marathon. That was a lot of fun, one time. I have done a couple more half marathons since. Now when I say I am running, its more of a “slog”. If you aren’t familiar with this term, that means slow jog. At my age, I am thankful to be healthy enough to be able to that. Any competitiveness that may have existed before is now gone.

So now the good part

Now is the good part. I am so excited to share with you what I am doing now that is so good, nourishing and helpful for my body. Listen up mamas. Your body went through a lot to have that baby. Your body did some amazing things to help get that baby to come into the world. Now, we may look at our bodies and be wondering what happened.

Here is where my favorite new workout come in. Its called Mutu System. The program focuses on women’s bodies. Specifically those who have had babies. It helps strengthen muscles that may have weakened during pregnancy, and labor. Not only does the program offer work outs to do, an eating plan is included to help get on the right track for nutrition.

There is a whole community of women world wide who participate in this program and the support is phenomenal. I have made it through half of the program thus far and love it. The support of the community and founder is so great and I never feel like I am behind. I have also started over when life gets in the way and I take a break for a time.

Every so often the people at Mutu system offer a taster series to give women the opportunity to try it out. You can check out details here. I hope you give it a try. You will never be sorry for taking control of your health.

I would love to hear from you if you try this system or if you have any other favorite work outs you do at home, in the gym etc. I am always up for new ideas. Have a blessed day.

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