One Easy Way to Get Money Back

I want to share an app with you that has been so helpful for me to save money. While you will be about to save money, it’d won’t help you get rich quick, and you have to do a little bit of work. I’ll walk you through how to get started with this app and start getting your hard earned dollars back.

What’s the App?

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You may be wondering what the app is that will give you money back on shopping. Well I’ll tell you. The app is Ibotta. I signed up last year and have already gotten back over $200. It’s so simple to use. Let me share with you how to use it.

Sign up and get Started

Go to wherever you get your apps and down load Ibotta to your phone. Then just start looking for all of your favorite stores. You can shop online or in the store to get your cash back. Different stores offer different amounts of cash back on purchases. I used the app a lot with for my Christmas shopping.

How to Redeem

This is my favorite part about using Ibotta. They offer many ways to redeem your cash back. You can redeem it for gift cards, but my personal favorite way to redeem my cash back is with actual CASH! When you have at least $20 in cash back, which doesn’t take long with bonuses and a few shopping trips, you can transfer you money into your pay pal account. So it’s actual cash.

Some stores offer bonuses to redeem their store’s gift card. This could also be a good thing, because you would be making a little extra. If you find a store you like and you get a $2 bonus, go for it.

So simple

I hope you can will join the Ibotta train. I love getting money back from purchases I would be making anyway. You can also sweeten the deal if stores are having a sale on an item and you get cash back then if you are lucky you may be able to find a coupon too. Occasionally I get items for free when I use this app.

You have nothing to lose. Let me know when you down load it if you have any questions or tips for our readers. I’d love to share feedback from my readers.

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