One Habit to Transform your Laundry

Laundry!! If you are looking for something consistent, something that will always be there for you, a trusty companion, a loyal friend, look no further than your laundry room. I feel like I do laundry for a living here at my house. Each night it stares me in the face like, “Yeah, I’m still here” and “I’ll see you first thing in the morning.”

The Everlasting Monster

We have 5 people living in this house. We have laundry from the school and work day, laundry from sports and working out, laundry from the bathroom and beds, and finally the pj’s that get dirty while we sleep. Occasionally I wash couch cushion covers, shower curtains and bathmats as well. So basically my washer and dryer are constantly in motion. Can I get in AMEN??

Who can relate? Anybody with me? I hope I am not alone and if you have some sort of magic to share with me, please share.

I say all of this like it is a bad thing but as far as chores at home go, laundry even as constant as it is, is one that I don’t mind too much. It is one of the few that my accomplishments look me in the face in the form of neat stacks ready to be put in the drawers of my family members.

So, what can we do???

I haven’t always felt this way though. A few years ago I started doing something that has changed the way I look at my laundry. A small tweak in my routine has kept my laundry under control for the most part. This one small tweak has saved me time and fret over my laundry pile. I am not perfect at it and it doesn’t always go super smooth but when I do it, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and relief.

This is what my laundry used to look like on the regular.

So here is the secret I’d like to share with you so maybe your laundry monster can be tamed just like mine did. It is very simple and doesn’t require prep work, painting, charts or anything else. It will take about 5 minutes.

Fold the load straight out of the dryer.

This doesn’t mean it needs to be folded as soon as it is finished, but fold the load instead of putting it unfolded in the basket. Just fold it. I used to take the clean laundry and put it in the basket and put the wet load into the dryer and walk away like I had finished something.

No, I was not finished. That load needs to be folded, wants to be folded. It doesn’t want to sit there and keep getting wrinkled. Just fold it and put it away, deliver it to bedrooms or whatever your next step is. This will help keep your laundry from piling up and becoming overwhelming.

You can do this simple step at some point in your day. Fold the load!

Putting Laundry on your List

We talk a lot about list making there at Working the List so add this to your list. I used to put that on my list for the day. It looked kind of like this: Laundry: W D F PA. W=wash, D=Dry, F=fold, PA= put away. As I do each task I can mark them off individually and feel the productivity in each step.

Try today breaking down large tasks like laundry into smaller tasks and focus on ways to make the bigger things more manageable.

I’d love to see your lists for the day. Let me know what helps you with the seemingly undo-able, overwhelming tasks in your life.

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