Sometimes Just OK is OK

I never saw myself as a perfectionist. As I look around at my life nothing seems to be super in order, super pretty, or put together. Many times I procrastinate doing things that are seemingly simple tasks. Looking into my life, perfectionist is not a way I ever would have described myself.

Lately I have done a lot of self reflecting trying to figure myself out. Some of the outcomes of my life are not what I want. I have a life I am very thankful for, but I am always looking for ways to improve my situation. As I learn I have found out that perfectionism is something that plagues me daily.

I hope I am not alone in this. Tell me if you have ever done this. I look around my house at all the things that need to be done and think of reasons why I shouldn’t do them, can’t do them, or maybe I’ll do that later. For instance, I remember looking at the floor thinking, that needs to be vacuumed. Then I would tell myself, “If you do that, you’ll have to dust first, move everything out of the way, then you’ll have to pick everything up off the floor to vacuum, then put it back. Oh, the kids are napping, you can’t vacuum while they nap. And, the kids are afraid of the vacuum, so you really shouldn’t vacuum while they are up.” Man, that thinking wears me out.

While I still think like this daily, there is one thing I have learned to combat this. Maybe you will find this helpful as you battle with your own perfectionism.

Sometimes ok is ok. There is a commercial on right now and the tag line is “Ok is not OK. While, yes, this is true in business and some key areas in life. We should strive to be better than ok. But, when it comes to our homes, ok is ok. Realizing that SOMETHING is better than nothing is always good.

My dad used to tell me that “A job worth doing is worth doing well” Yes, I agree with that. For my perfectionist mind I sometimes rabbit trail into thinking, well if I can’t do it well, I guess I shouldn’t do it at all. This is stinkin thinkin and will get us no where with our house or other areas where we need to work.

My new hero new hero, the Fly Lady, Marla Cilley, will tell you otherwise. She says that even housework done wrong will still bless your family. Don’t be so hard on yourself and just get out and get it done.

Whatever it is you are putting off for what ever reason, just get started. The 15 minute timer is a lifesaver for me. If I can work on something for just 15 minutes, I am always so shocked at what I can accomplish. This is the end of my pep talk for today. Now I am off to spend 15 minutes in my garage. Did I mention I plan to put away Halloween decor from October?

Share with me what you worked on for 15 minutes. How did you feel afterwards? Can you come back to it later?

Have a blessed day.

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