Three Great Board Games for Quarantine

So, some of us are hopefully at home with kids or other family members for who knows how long. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to do more than just sit around. At our house we are having concentrated family time and that is great. I actually love being at home so much. Filling all of that extra time with constructive things can become daunting. Board games and card games help us fill hours at a time.

One great way to fill it is through games. I bought a few very inexpensive board games early on to help fill our time. Our whole family has been enjoying the games. It has been great, barring the few tears from a couple of kids who may have lost a time or two.

Let the Games Begin

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The first game I bought was Sushi Go. The game is very simple but there is a lot of strategy built in. The goal is to get the most points by collecting a certain element of sushi roll cards. My kids favorite part is when they get to yell out “SUSHI GO” when they have chopsticks to use.

The next game we have enjoyed is Code Names. This one is fun because you have to give your team one word description to guess a word on the board. My kids get into this because they have some inside jokes to make guessing fun. It’s also funny to listen to how other people chose to describe words.

The third game we got was Quixx. It’s a fun dice game kind of like Yatzee. You roll the dice and home they roll in your favor. I personally have not had a lot of luck in winning this game. My daughter loves beating her mama 🙂 We have fun and it truly is a gamble.

I hope these games might be new to your family and maybe you can get a hold of them to help your family occupied during this time. I am always up for suggestions and would love to hear how you are passing the time at your house.

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