Why I Think Homemaking is Important

Hey! Welcome to the table today. I am thinking about a question that needs to be defined and figured out. The question that has changed my outlook and helps me go further toward what I want. That question is WHY! This question will change the way you see what we are doing in a whole new light. When we neglect to answer this question, we can become bogged down, overwhelmed and easily lose focus.

Developing and repeating our why can help us stay focused and keep us on track when we become discouraged. Even the best of situations in life can become difficult when we lose focus.

Recently I started thinking about my why in life. My main responsibility right now is my home. I am a career homemaker and have gone way to long with out focusing on why I do what I do. I have an idea of the goals I have for our family but those are more long term goals. My focus today is to narrow in on some goals and ways I can go about tweaking my thoughts and focusing more and more on why I do what I do. I can’t wait to see what kind of effect this will have on my life at home.

Why Home Making?

This is something I have been called to my whole life. I dreamed of being at home, cooking, cleaning and nurturing a family. I have lots of support around me to pursue this that I am so grateful for.

This role as having the ability to set the tone for my family. I get to create an atmosphere to make 4 other people feel loved, important and safe in these 4 walls. That is such a big responsibility.

Long Term Goals in My Work

My long term goal that I stole from Andy Stanley’s family is I want my kids to want to be here even when they don’t have to be here. Right now, my kids are still very dependent on my husband and I. We feed them, clothe them, give them a place to sleep. My children are hitting teenage years, so they are looking elsewhere for entertainment and our days of “Friday Fun Nights” are few and far between. Ultimately, I want my kids to want to be here, to visit, when they are grown and have families of their own. I don’t want to be just another stop a Christmas. I feel like this atmosphere starts building early.

Here are some things we are doing to help make this hopefully happen in the future.

1. Creating memories and traditions

This is as simple as playing kickball in the back yard, building a fire and roasting smores or watching a movie together every Friday night. Pick things that are easy and fun and repeat them. Traditions get easier the longer you do them and they can work for you if you let them. Say Friday becomes pizza and a movie night. That’s supper and entertainment planned and done. Either make or buy pizza but either way, it’s one less meal to plan for your week.

2. Cutting the Chaos at Home

There are many different ways chaos can creep into our lives and steal our joy. I am in no way a perfect housekeeper with a perfect house, but I have over the years built in routines to help keep chaos to a minimum. By doing little bits around the house through out the day and week, your family can come home to a peaceful home.

Scheduling chaos will also steal joy and energy. Choosing activities that will benefit your family and keeping your calendar manageable will help keep the peace. We have 3 kids and our rule was for each kid to do one thing outside of school at a time. This allowed the two of us to be able to get them where they needed to be and still allow for some family time in between.

3. Cut Yourself Some Slack

There is no such thing as a perfect home. Not everything will be done to perfection every time. Some days, I have the best dinner you’ve ever eaten prepared for my family, but my toilets may be dirty. Some days my house could be all clean and we have sandwiches for supper. Deciding what’s important and getting those things done will lead to more peace at home. I don’t know about you, but my family notices so much less around the house than I do.

I would love to hear from you about how you are making your home the best it can be. It’s a day in day out job. It’s not just reserved for those at home all day. This is an important job for all parents out there and will bring great reward when done in love.

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